Bethel Tabernacle

As we "walk by faith and not by sight"(2 Cor 5:7) but also wish to "abide by the laws of the land" (Rom 13:1-2), this is a strange territory to be heading into.

The Ontario Government is starting to lift the 3rd lockdown in our area again (June 16).  So we are permitted to have 15% in our building, this accounts for 60 people.

This means Sunday Morning, and Wed. Bible Study are open again at this time,

 If you do enter the building we will be insisting on physical distancing and masks to be warn within our building while moving around, and the use of hand sanitizer!

We will also continue to track all in attendance!

Good Food Box has also been placed on hold contact Country Roads for details on that.

Food Bank is still available but things just look a little different!

Please check back here as we move forward as things may change.