Bethel Tabernacle

About Us 

Rev. Robert Crump
Pastor Bob and his wife Susan have been serving at Bethel since January 2004.  They are a wonderful team as they minister at Bethel bringing life and wisdom from the Word of God to the Church and our community. 
They have two grown children Melissa and Daniel.  They grew up in this wonderful little church, and are now both off at post-secondary school.
Bethel Church
Over the years we have moved away from many traditions as we would prefer to be open to what God would desire for us each time we gather, rather than be stuck to an order of traditions and schedule that leave little room for freedom.  The length of our services tend very from week to week we can end as early as 12:00pm but don't be surprised if we are still spending time with God by 12:30pm as we are not afraid to allow Him to be in charge. 
If you are in the Elgin area on Holiday and didn't remember to bring your dress cloths, please feel free to still join us.  Dress cloths are not as popular as in the past.  As we are to respect and honour the presence and Holiness of God, clean is encouraged but fancy not so much.  We would rather focus upon our heart's rather than on who is best dressed. 
The worship music is done with video assistance as we are currently between worship leaders.  Sermons are built only upon a foundation from Scripture.  We are not willing to compromise the Word simply because society has come to accept things against God's Word.
Our pastor and Bible Study leaders are fully aware of the fact that we are held accountable before God for all that is taught (James 3:1).  Therefore they have taught and continue to teach the Whole Gospel (Acts 20:26-27) even if this world doesn't agree or believe it anymore.  We are unwilling to water down the Gospel.
Enjoy this little tour through the church made during the Covid-19 Crisis
This was a video we made during a VBS you may enjoy.